My work is a direct expression of my energy and being. It is an exercise in intuitive creation; unplanned save for being with paperclay and handbuilt. The rest is a practice of listening to myself – the voice within that says, “one more coil,” or drops an image in my mind of my pulling the lip out or chopping into the piece with my hand on its side or lip or wherever. What I do is an exercise and example of something I wish everybody could and would do – just show up for ourselves with whatever, wherever and let the creative energy out of our bodies — let ourselves be. I am convinced this is where we find ourselves and feel what it is to be alive.

This work stands for saying “yes” to ourselves, “yes” to accepting ourselves and others for whom, what, how we are, as we are and the beauty and great energy that comes from acceptance. These vessels are therefore, also, representations of “imperfect” beings. Beings that are accepted as they are, and so continue to exist rather than being collapsed and reclaimed because they’re not symmetrical, or not as their maker had planned for them to be, or or or. They get to keep being alive, just as we do, if we accept ourselves and fight for ourselves.

My work is unfired, so it is not functional in the expected sense of the word, especially when it comes to ceramics. When I started creating these pieces I did not know I would not fire them, but as the process went on a conversation within myself and with each piece emerged; what are you? what are you for? what will you be? And will it be okay with others and does that matter? These questions and conversation all became part of the process and of realizing what my work is about — a sort of circular conversation and process that continues to shape and define itself as being about acceptance and being okay with not knowing, even emboldened by not knowing, but remaining open and accepting.