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daily practice OR deathbed regret gone! wow.

3 thoughts on “daily practice OR deathbed regret gone! wow.”

  1. Katherine Cowan

    This is beautiful. Just being can be so hard. We welcome distractions because we don’t want to deal with ourselves, but you are doing it and being is so beautiful. Your work is unique and alive – like you – you bring such a positive energy to the world. And now that you are giving yourself a chance you are giving others a chance to know you…and that is inspiring.

    1. Thank you – You’ve definitely helped me and inspired me along the way! And you said it! We do welcome distractions bc we don’t want to deal with ourselves so often— i am definitely learning by practice that by not ignoring my needs and feelings life is better. Even when it’s hard. Thank you for such lovely word. I’m sure glad to know you!

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