this is the place where I drop pictures & notes about projects, exercises & practices of mine

output before input -- a daily practice

a few months back i became really aware that i was taking in a lot more than i was putting out. with so many awesome podcasts, workshops, articles & what have you out there, i was consuming, A LOT. I realized i was looking outside of myself WAY more than i was looking to myself for answers and guidance and…such. i recalled the advice from the painter Antrese Wood (of the wonderful podcast “the Savvy Painter”) “output before input” — she said something like that. i remember when i heard it, it was like a light went off, “of course!” but i didn’t really put it into practice back then — not like i have in the last few months. I tell you — practicing this has been life changing. it’s like i open a channel to the universe and just being, just being me and being, first thing in the morning. i am definitely finding that this is the best time.  it could be writing, drawing, running — whatever is you. i put something of me out, before i take anything else in. and i am feeling more like myself and connected to myself and life everyday.


turns out february was about dots. e-dots as i call them b/c they were inspired by a student whose name starts with an ‘e.’

here’s the key – i don’t plan, i don’t even really make any choices; i just sit and a color comes to me and i start making dots until another color occurs to me. i just let go and be. and i stop with one/complete one when no more colors come — it’s pretty meditative.

i am obsessed with these right now and can tell you that march is already continuing this particular practice of output before input. what a channel opening! thank you, e!


the dots continue(d) and then lines wanted to be put down, so lines got put down. we’ll see what happens next! love this first thing in the morning!  — turning into waves and smears…tiny dots are on the move by march 7. the process is slower now, more engaging as i work to make the smallest dots that i can with the tips of my pinky fingers.