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to oil or not to oil – in progress but maybe not


While I was making this one I heard me say to me that this one would be different than the others. They are all different than each other so I knew that’s not what it was. I burnished this one once by this stage – at the bit more than leather hard stage when it’s soft enough that no oil or lubricant is needed to keep from scratching. I was ready to give this one another rub, but with oil this time, but every time I’ve looked at it at this dry stage I just want to leave it. I hold it and I like it like this. I like this stage.  I like how it looks. I like how it feels so much. And I wonder what it will look like over time if touched a lot, how that will change the finish and that could be pretty cool. I think I might leave it like this. Maybe not.

And so continues the conversation of “what is finished…when…who says…?”

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