My work is all handbuilt and each piece one of a kind, unplanned, for the most part, and emerge from a slow, time-consuming, and wonderfully meditative process. They are pinched, frequently coiled, stared at, sat with, left alone and come back to when they and I am ready for more.

This way of creating, has brought me closer to myself and into a totally present and engaging space of being that is why I think people are drawn to create in the first place. It is this process that I really believe makes these pieces, and hand made work, very special.

These pieces are burnished and unfired paperclay. Because they are unfired they are still clay and can be returned to clay, and with that, they still have some of my energy to share. They are built with ceramic paperclay and burnished. Because they are paperclay they are stronger than unfired, air-dried ceramic clay and do not need to be fired to last and be handled gently, but this also means they are dry vessels. I hope you enjoy, and get to one day see and touch them in person.