before we were aware of insurance and such OR finding the freedom of pure being-ness

we come out with freedom. more freedom than we’ll ever have again. and we don’t know anything. don’t know anything. who knows. we can’t know what’s going on in the brains of babies. and then, of course, no two are the same in the head the way that none of us are. all perceiving differently and such. but back to that moment, and the moments and years after. that freedom, and just more and more constraints then put on us. i think we’re always trying to get back to that. but we can’t. but we really are really trying and i think that’s ok.

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not all artists know… OR please, just create because it feels great!

not all artists know what they want to do with their art. we know we want to make, to create, but we don’t all do this with a grand plan in place, or some grander end goal in place aside from making stuff, putting out representations of our energy daily. we might share them, we might not. it just feels good to create.

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daily practice OR deathbed regret gone! wow.

I’ve never been happier than I am right now, with life. I am in my workshop, my studio, my hole and corner. coiling clay for the piece on the banding wheel, the next one in a series I’ve just started, I’m excited about the series. I am excited about what I am doing…

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